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5 Reasons Why Millennials Love Astrology

Many millennials appear to know astrology and the traits of the different zodiac signs like the backs of their hands. As a result, astrology has become a new, relatively acceptable way to evaluate a person. Additionally, the practice has become much more than just a passing fad , and it instead now resembles more of a worldview. So, why do millennials love the signs so much? Katie Bishop, a rising sophomore at Pratt Institute, is an expert on all things related to the sun, moon and stars. And according to Bishop, these are the five reasons why millennials have such a hankering for the celestial. KATIE BISHOP: Let’s face it, millennials are undergoing a lot of struggles. From our political climate to crippling student loans and debt, a lot of us look for some sort of explanation as to why certain events are happening. Having an awful week? Check to see what’s going on. If Mercury is in retrograde, what does that mean for you?

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